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Configure MacMail for Office 365

How to set up MacMail for Office 365

MacMail can be used as a client for Office 365. The MacMail client will allow for mail, contacts, and calendar to sync. 

You can also set up UCR's Global Address Book

1. Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.  Click the Internet Accounts icon, typically in the third row. 

Internet Accounts icon
2. Choose Exchange on the right. Click Exchange
3. Enter your name, email address, and password.  Your email address needs to be in the form  Click Continue. Enter account info
4. After a few moments, you should see an Account Summary with your account information presented.  Click Continue.
5. Choose the services that you’d like to sync via the Exchange server.  At minimum, you’ll want to have Mail selected, but many folks also want Contacts and Calendar.  If you’re not sure, just select Mail.  You can always add the other services later. Choose services to sync
6. Click Done.  You should now see your account listed. Post setup
7. The initial sync process may take several minutes.  Depending on the amount of mail in your account, may take several hours to complete the sync process.

Configure UCR's Global Address Book

Follow the instructions below to configure the global address book for UCR employees on your MacMail desktop client. 

1. Go to System Preferences. MacMail System Preferences
2. Click on Internet Account. MacMail Internet Accounts
3. Click on 'Add Other Account..' You may need to scroll all the way down.
(Note: There will be slight variations, depending on the version of OS X)
MacMail - Add Other Account
4. Choose LDAP account MacMail LDAP account

5. Enter the following settings:
Description: UCR LDAP
Search Base: ou=persons,dc=ucr,dc=edu
Server Address:
Port: 389
Authentication: None

Click 'Sign In'

MacMail Settings

Now when using Mac Mail, you should be able to type a portion of someone's name or address, and after a few moments, suggestions from the campus LDAP server should be provided. 

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