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Office 365 Post-migration Steps

Please print these instructions out so you have them on hand after your migration.

During Migration Window

  • Migration windows begin at 5:00pm each night, and will end by 8:00am the next morning. Your email account may cutover at any time during that time frame on the night of your scheduled migration.  
  • Individuals with very large and complex mailboxes could go beyond 8am, however, you will still be able to access your email through Exchange until fully migrated. Be sure to frequently save your work if you are continuing to use Exchange email.
  • Please make sure to log out of email via the web interface and through any clients, including mobile devices, by 5:00pm the day of your migration. 

Step 1. Log in to Web Interface

  • Open a web browser, go to
    This is the new web address (URL) for access to Office 365 Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Log into the new Outlook Web App with
  • Enter the password that corresponds with your UCR Net ID (CAS credentials, same for R'Space)
  • Click "Sign In"

The first time you log in to OWA, you will need to select your time zone. Once logged in, you should see the Office 365 logo in the upper left corner. Next to it, is the menu to change from Mail view, to Calendar view, and other available Office 365 applications. 

Step 2. Open/Run Outlook Client

You will be creating a new profile in Outlook. Please see the instructions on how to configure your client. 

Optionally, if your rules have not migrated, you can import the rules you exported prior to the migration. 

Step 3. Configure Mobile Devices

To set up your mobile device with the new email, select your device below.

Step 4. Remove Old Exchange Connections

Remove from all devices any connection to the old Exchange server.

Things To Know

  • Most faculty members will be moved to R'Mail. At the moment, people on Office 365 will not be able to see R'Mail calendar availability and vice-versa. To workaround, the R'Mail user can directly share their calendar via link with an Office 365 user. If an Office 365 user needs to manage an R'Mail user's calendar, the Office 365 user can log into their R'Docs account ( 
  • During the Office 365 migration project, those in Office 365 will only be able to see the free/busy time for those still using Exchange only through the scheduling assistant. You will not be able to view calendar data directly until that Exchange user is migrated to Office 365. 
  • Exchange users can only see calendar permissions for Exchange users, R'Mail users can only see calendar permissions for R'Mail users, and Office 365 users can only see calendar permissions for Office 365 users.
  • Your email addresses will not change.
  • It is recommended to delete and re-add resources from the address book. There are situations where a user has migrated but one of the calendars or resources in Outlook has not migrated. This will cause a request for credentials from Exchange. By deleting and re-adding resources, the annoying popups will go away. This will not work with Student Access Accounts.
  • PST files will be disconnected from the Outlook client once users are migrated. You may want to import your .pst files back into Outlook, to do this, follow the steps on how to Import email, contacts, and calendar from an Outlook .pst file.
  • Office 365 will now allow archiving mail. See the Archiving Features on Microsoft

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