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Office 365 Pre-migration Preparations

Steps to complete before your Exchange mailbox is migrated to Office 365:

Step 1. Create your 3 Security Questions then Change your Password

Change your PasswordGo to and select the Manage Security Questions option.  Once you create your security questions you will now be able to change your password on your own at any time.  Next, select the "Change your Password" option and change your password. If you do not change your password, you may not be able to log in after migration. 

Step 2. Delete Junk Mail and Trash

It is recommended to delete any junk mail and trash. These folders will be moved over. If you don't want it, purge it before migration, that way, the servers won't be slowed by extra data moving over. 

Step 3. Export your Rules

Inbox rules should be automatically transferred during migration. However, it is recommended to back up any inbox rules you have set just in case, otherwise, you may need to manually recreate them. To export rules, please see the Microsoft Support website. Please note that you can only export rules using the PC version of Outlook, you will not be able to export rules with a Mac. 

Step 3.b. Local Data

Any local address books, tasks, or reminders not saved to the server will not be migrated. If you need this local data, save to a server or backup and restore. 

For more information on how to export local data from Office: Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file

Step 4. Log out of Email

By 5:00pm the day (or weekend) before your migration, log out of all email clients (i.e. Outlook), and the Outlook Web interface, to avoid confusion. Stop checking your Exchange email on your mobile devices until you update the settings the next business morning. The morning after your migration follow the Post Migration steps and set up your new account on clients and mobile devices. 

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