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Configure Outlook for Windows

Configuring Outlook

Use the Outlook Autodiscover configuration when creating a new profile. 

Your e-mail address will remain unchanged. People may still send mail to your and e-mail addresses.

Note: Please review the sessions timeout lengths as documented by Microsoft Modern auth tokens are good for 14 days, or up to 90 days with continuous use.

Configure UCR Global Address Book

You can also find how to Configure UCR's Global Address Book.

Microsoft Support

Outlook 2016

Setting up your Outlook Profile
For existing users

Create a new profile in the Mail control panel. Do not to delete the old profile for Exchange. The old profile should remain so any local configurations can be accessed is a restore is necessary.

  • To utilize the Autodiscover configuration, enter the account name, e-mail address and account password.
    • The e-mail address will be in the form
  • Click "Next" to continue.
 Autodiscover add account
  • Outlook will attempt to determine your connection settings. This process may take several minutes.
Outlook Windows autosetup step 2
  • You will be prompted for your account credentials in a Windows Security screen.
  • Select Use Another Account
  • The username will be your UCR Netid email address:
  • Enter the associated account password and click "OK".
Outlook Windows auto set up step 3
  • Once the connection has been verified, you will be notified of the successful configuration. Click Finish. The first time Outlook connect to the server, you will be notified that it is being prepared.

The main Outlook window will appear and begin synchronization with the server. For an existing mailbox with a significant size, this process can take some time to complete, please be patient. 

 Office Windows add account step 4
Importing Rules

For those who exported rules, you can now use Office 2016 to import rules. Please see the Microsoft Support page on Importing and Exporting Rules


Connecting to Office 365

  • Start Outlook.
  • You will be prompted for your CAS credentials (Username is only your NetID)
  • You will then be prompted for your account credentials in a Windows Security screen.

  • Select you UCR Net ID account

  • Enter the associated account password and click "OK".


Connect to Office

Configure UCR's Global Address Book

Follow the instructions below to configure the global address book for UCR employees on your Outlook 2016 Windows desktop client. 

1. Launch Outlook, and click on the File tab Windows Ldap instructions - File tab
2. In the Account Information screen, click on Account Settings.
Windows Ldap instructions - Account Settings
3. In the Account settings window, click on the Address Books tab. Then click on "New".  Windows Ldap instructions - New

4. Select Internet Directory Service (LDAP)

Then click Next

Windows Ldap instructions - LDAP option

5. In the Sever Name field, type:

Then click on More settings...

Windows Ldap instructions - Add account

6. Within Display Name, enter: UCR LDAP

Set Port to 389

Then click on the Search tab.



Windows Ldap instructions - Search

7. Under Search Base, select Custom.

In this field, type: ou=persons,dc=ucr,dc=edu

Then click OK

Windows Ldap instructions - search base

8. Now you should be back on the screen called Directory Service (LDAP) Settings

Click Next

Windows Ldap instructions - Next

9. You should see the screen stating "You're all set!"

Click Finish

Windows Ldap instructions - All set
10. Close and restart Outlook. When you relaunch Outlook, you should be able to search the LDAP directory! 

You should now be able to type a portion of someone’s name or address in a new message, and after a few moments, suggestions from the campus LDAP server should be provided.

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