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UCR Proposal & Award Management Information System

The Office of Research and Economic Development (RED), Accounting, and Computing & Communications (C&C) are very pleased to announce a major enhancement to UCR’s on-line Proposal and Award Management Information System (PAMIS).

This most recent PAMIS initiative allows campus departments to process “Pre-awards” in the same way awards are processed within PAMIS. (“Pre-awards” are campus authorizations to incur pre-contract and grant expenditures. Such authorizations require a “firm commitment” from the sponsoring agency to exist. Moreover, a pressing need for these expenditures must be demonstrated for a Pre-award to be approved. Please click here to view UCR’s Pre-award policy.)

Highlights of UCR’s new PAMIS Pre-award System are as follows:

  • PAMIS automatically notifies PIs, Accounting, and appropriate departmental staff via e-mail when a Pre-award request has been approved. PAMIS also provides e-mail notifications when the Pre-award fund has been established and expenditures may occur.
  • All Pre-award documentation is scanned and stored in PDF format. PIs, Accounting, RED, Equipment Management, and departmental staff thus have electronic and paperless access to these documents.
  • All Pre-award entries in the UCR General Ledger are processed via the web. Moreover, when a Pre-award is funded, the PAMIS system will automatically (without departmental key entry) reverse the original General Ledger budgetary entry, reducing departmental key entry and increasing data integrity.
  • The Pre-award system should facilitate departmental extramural funds accounting by reducing cost transfers and by enhancing the system’s ability to track Pre-award expenditures.

For questions concerning Pre-award processing, please contact The Office of Research and Economic Development (RED).  Please visit the Contacts section of this website for additional assistance utilizing this new service.

For more information on the development of PAMIS, please visit the PAMIS History section of this web page.

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