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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who completes the PAMIS BEA? The individual assigned "Transactor" status by the department System Access Administrator in the Enterprise Access Control System.
  • When can the PAMIS BEA be prepared? The PAMIS BEA may be prepared when the Transactor receives (1) E-mail notification #1 that the Notice of Award has been processed or (2) E-mail notification #2 that the Fund has been established and the Submit BEA button is available.   Note: the BEA may only be submitted after E-mail #2 has been received.
  • If award funds are provided by Interlocation Transfer of Funds, when does the PAMIS BEA need to be prepared? Never.  Funds will be budgeted via the Interlocation Transfer of Funds process.   Note: this type of award is normally flagged as MANUAL within PAMIS.
  • Where do I find the PAMIS BEA form to allocate the awarded budget? Transactor logs in to PAMIS for secure access to the system.  To create a BEA, the transactor will select Department/BEA.   A list of active awards for the transactor’s accountability structure will be displayed.  Click the award number and the PAMIS BEA page will be displayed.
  • How is the PAMIS BEA completed? The transactor should complete the PAMIS BEA by filling in the amounts for each budget category based upon the approved award budget.  Transactor will receive a warning message if the Total Direct Costs and Indirect Costs do not match the amounts recorded in PAMIS.  If the PAMIS BEA amounts do not equal the award amounts, the following warning message will appear:

    WARNING!  The direct and indirect costs do no match the dollar amounts entered by the Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) for this award.  This deviation from the agency approved budget may be considered rebudgeting.  Please check the award terms and conditions and obtain approvals before proceeding.  If the direct and indirect cost amounts listed in the header are not correct, please contact RED.

    The activity, fund, and function are fixed data fields and cannot be changed.  If any of this information is incorrect, contact RED.  RED will correct their database (COEUS) as appropriate and resubmit the information to PAMIS.  Verify the information is correct before submitting the BEA.

    Once the PAMIS BEA is completed, the Preview button on the Department/BEA screen may be selected to view the completed PAMIS BEA.  PAMIS BEAs cannot be submitted until Accounting has assigned the Fund attributes and the Submit BEA button is available.  When the Submit BEA button has been selected, the BEA information will be transmitted to UCRFS.  Normally the PAMIS BEA will post overnight, unless the award has a future start date.
  • What do I do when the Total Direct Costs & Indirect Costs listed in PAMIS are different than what I calculate?Contact the Office of Research and Economic Development.
  • How will I know that my PAMIS BEA has successfully been submitted? When the screen appears which provides the journal number, you will know that your PAMIS BEA was successfully submitted.  The award record will also disappear from the PAMIS BEA grid upon submission.
  • How can I correct the Activity Code and/or Function Code on an award? From the PAMIS BEA header, click the "Wrong Code?  Click Here" link and E-mail will be sent to RED.   Do not submit the PAMIS BEA until RED has updated the Activity Code and/or Function Code appearing in the BEA header.
  • How are awards with funds allocated to Financial Aid (Undergraduate) or Graduate Division (Graduate), handled? On the PAMIS BEA, allocate funds under BC35.  A drop down menu will appear.  The department must select graduate or undergraduate.  When Submit BEA is selected, the system allocates the funds appropriately.
  • Why hasn't my PAMIS BEA posted?The PAMIS BEA uses a journal date of either the PAMIS BEA submission date, or the award start date, whichever is later.  PAMIS BEAs with future journal dates will not post until that date.Text
  • Why haven't I received my PAMIS Award Allocation Notice (E-mail #3)? The PAMIS Award Allocation (E-mail #3) will not be sent until the PAMIS BEA posts.  If the PAMIS BEA has a future journal date (due to the award start date), the PAMIS BEA will not post until that date.
  • While searching on the Activity Code, a number of Principal Investigators appeared that are from other departments.  Why does this occur?Search results provide information for Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators.  If an Investigator is a Co-PI on a project, the award will appear in the results but it will list the Prime Investigators name.

    Check the Notice of Award to verify that a Co-PI under your activity code is part of the project.

    If the Co-PIs do not include an Investigator under the activity code searched, please contact The Office of Research and Economic Development for assistance.

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