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“Pre-awards” are campus authorizations to incur pre-contract and grant expenditures. Such authorizations require a “firm commitment” from the sponsoring agency to exist. Moreover, a pressing need for these expenditures must be demonstrated for a Pre-award to be approved.

New Policy

Effective April 1, 2005, the policy regarding Pre-awards has been revised. You can view the updated policy here.


The updated policy was necessary to enable Pre-awards to be processed through PAMIS. Through the updated policy and the ability to process pre-awards through PAMIS, the appropriate fund will be established whereby avoiding excessive cost transfers. The policy will provide for properly documenting pre-award situations and through the use of the Deficit Position Report identify "true" overdraft situations.

Pre-Award Request Form

In order to request pre-award expenditures, a proposal must be submitted through The Office of Research and Economic Development  and a valid commitment obtained from the funding agency. A completed Pre-award form, with all the appropriate signatures, must be submitted to The Office of Research and Economic Development.  Click here to access the Pre-award Request Form.

PAMIS Processing of Pre-Award

When The Office of Research and Economic Development approves and processes a Pre-award, it is activated in PAMIS; an e-mail is generated notifying the appropriate parties similar to the regular PAMIS award process. The fund number is assigned using the same criteria and the same method as a regular PAMIS award. Through PAMIS, this also allows for the establishment of a PAMIS Pre-award BEA (an actual budget reflecting the approved pre-award budget versus $1 holding budget that is currently utilized). The Pre-award budget is offset to BC99 (BC-Pre-award) rather than a revenue account. The approved Pre-award grants authority to expend up to the established limit.

Also by the processing the pre-award through PAMIS, various notices can be generated - 1) when there is a revision after the pre-award has been established, 2) when a pre-award is nearing expiration (approximately two weeks), 3) when a pre-award has expired (NO additional expenditures can be incurred against the pre-award), and 4) when a pre-award will not be funded by the Sponsor. When a Sponsor does not fund a pre-award, ALL pre-award expenditures MUST be immediately transferred to the unrestricted funding source identified on the Pre-award Request and the pre-award budget will be automatically reversed.

Pre-Award Information

PAMIS enables the tracking of Pre-awards throughout their life via the grid that can be viewed through Award Information by clicking on the award number, searched for using various criteria through the search engine in Award Information and the history of the award. See next page.

Receipt of PAMIS Award

When the "actual" award is signed and received, it will be treated as a new or continuing award in PAMIS just as is done currently. The Pre-award budget will be automatically reversed and the Department will complete the BEA form in PAMIS for the awarded amount.

Award 000466-004 (1)
Fund 25025
Pre-Award Information

Pre-Award received on: N/A
Pre-Award Activated (email to Acct, Dept) on 07/13/2004
Fund Established on N/A
PAMIS Budget for PAMIS BEA # N/A ($40,000.00)  
Submitted on N/A
Funds Available on N/A

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