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Letter to the Campus Community

Dear Campus Community,

As the amount of electronic services and systems has increased during the past several years, there has been a commensurate growing concern over the security of electronic information systems.

A commitment to strong and robust passwords is an important aspect of UCR's overall effort to ensure campus systems, data, and electronic tools are secure and safe. In collaboration with various campus oversight groups and UCOP, C&C has been reviewing campus electronic password practices and procedures. As a result of these discussions, C&C is making available a suite of best practices relating to password creation and maintenance: the ultimate goal of this effort is to provide improved campus security, data integrity, and systems reliability.

Importantly, as a result of these password discussions and interactions, it has become clear that "forced and frequent" password changes do not necessarily result in heightened password security.

Therefore, for electronic systems and services running on UCR's IBM mainframe, C&C is modifying its password aging process to mirror the timeframe used by UCOP (used for access to PPS). This change will increase the interval for required password changes from 35 days to 180 days. Campus IBM applications include, but are not limited to, the web-based Storehouse system, the Student Information System, the campus Cashiering System, and UCR's Equipment Management System.

We're hoping that users of IBM electronic systems (indeed all users of campus information systems) will use this password aging modification as an opportunity to review their passwords and ensure these passwords are as secure and robust as possible.

Procedures to request and/or cancel IBM access will remain the same. Importantly, please keep in mind that if an IBM account is inactive for 60-days a request for re-activation will still be required.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please send e-mail to Phyllis Franco, Manager, Microcomputer Support Group (

Larry McGrath
Director, Computing Support Services
Computing and Communications
University of California, Riverside

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