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Appropriate Use

Guidelines for Appropriate Use

To view digital photo rosters, users must have a faculty member designation (professorial or lecturer) in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and must also be an instructor of record in the Student Information System (Banner) for the specific course, thus the UCR Photo Roster System does not allow the display of Photo Roster images to any students or TAs. Student photos are provided to UCR faculty for legitimate educational and instructional use only.

The purpose of placing student photos in the Photo Roster System is to improve student-faculty interactions in classes and labs. Photos are provided to authorized UCR faculty and lecturers for education-related purposes only. Only faculty with professorial and lecturer titles (not T.A.s) who are the instructor of record in the Student Information System (Banner) may use the Photo Roster System to view their courses. The photos may not be disclosed to third parties.

Please note that once a year during the fall quarter, students will receive an e-mail letting them know that their photos are contained within the UCR Photo Roster System and are available to faculty only. Students will then have the ability to opt out via R'Web Self-Service.

The Photo Roster System is strictly available as a standalone application (and not integrated with iLearn). For increased security and privacy, the system does not allow automated image download capability (e.g. to Excel).

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