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Why a Photo Roster?

Overview Information

The UCR Photo Roster System is a visual presentation of our students who predominately make up our campus community and thus represent who we are. Functioning as a visual resource, the Photo Roster helps teaching faculty place the visage of a real person to a name in the classroom. In the process, the Photo Roster creates a classroom community that fosters recognition within an academically closed and trusted socializing environment. Recognition promotes familiarization and helps students and instructors work towards the common goal of learning a subject.

As the ways of learning and teaching change to reflect new instructional paradigms and incorporate new and innovative technology in the classroom, it has become increasingly important that technology be used to create a sense of community. Recognition in the classroom as well as outside the teaching environment helps to foster fundamental community concepts. Technology and society need to interact cohesively.

For the instructor, the Photo Roster System helps place a name to a face and a face to a name. In doing so, instructors use visual recognition as an important social factor in their instruction in an increasingly virtual teaching environment.

For the student, the Photo Roster System allows the student to have a presence in the visual realm and teaching mind-space of the instructor. It helps to provide meaningful interaction not only in the classroom but also in the online community. It is important to communicate, connect and get to know each other over time within the context of the courses students are taking.

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