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New PIWRS Functionality - Monthly Expenditure Reviews

The PIWRS (initially deployed in October 2010) now provides PIs the ability to electronically acknowledge the monthly review of expenditures charged to their sponsored projects. Additionally, the PIWRS includes enhanced “drill down” functionality enabling faculty to review detailed salary and benefit information by fund.

The PIWRS Monthly Expenditure Review system complements a pilot project that will be deployed in the Summer of 2011. This Federal Demonstration Project will utilize Annual Payroll Certifications within the PIWRS as a replacement for traditional paper-based effort reporting.

The PIWRS Monthly Expenditure Review tool is a mechanism to document that award expenditures are appropriate and reasonable. This monthly review will allow for the timely identification of errors and initiation of corrections. Performing this review will provide assurance that the contract/grant funded salaries are appropriate throughout the award budget year thus supporting the prompt completion of the Annual Payroll Certifications.

For additional information regarding this new functionality please review the PIWRS Monthly Expenditure Review section. 

What is PIWRS?

The PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS) is a campus reporting tool that generates monthly Contract & Grant financial reports for Principal Investigators (PIs). The PIWRS was initially released during October 2010. PIWRS core functionality includes Summary and Detail Reports designed to facilitate the review of month-to-month expenditures and overall fund balances.

Please review upcoming changes and enhancement to the PIWRS at the On the Horizon section of this web site.

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