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Annual Payroll Certification System Cost Notes

The Annual Payroll Certification Report includes a column labeled "Cost Notes". The Cost NOtes are used to alert PIs about a potential area of concern.

The salary associated with the Cost Note should be reviewed to ensure compliance iwth agency terms and conditions.

When Cost Notes appear on the report, additional certifications will be required.

There are four different Cost Notes:

More than one Cost Note may be associated with an employee's salary data.

Cost Note #1 will appear when senior project personnel salaries are charges to an NSF project.

The data should be reviewed to ensure that no more than two months of senior project personnel cumulative salaries were charged across ALL NSF projects for the budget year in question.

For Payroll Certification purposes, senior project personnel are defined as anyone listed as the PI or CO-PI on the fund being certified.

Cost Note #2 will appear when more than 90% of an individual's salary for the budget year has been charged to any sponsored projects.

The situation should be reviewed to ensure that the individual activities were primarily sponsored project related. Non-sponsored project activities (e.g. instruction, committees, etc.) should be minimal to none.

For the purposes of payroll certifications, sponsored projects are defined as state, local government, federal, and private contract and grant funds.

Cost Note #3 will appear for individuals paid under "clerical and administrative" title codes.

Charging clerical and administrative salaries to a federal fund is an exception. The salaries should have been proposed in the award budget and explicitly approved by the funding agency. The situation should be reviewed to ensure exceptional approval is available for audit purposes.

Cost Note #4 will appear for individuals paid on a NIH fund at a pay rate that exceeds NIH's approved annual pay rate.

The Salaries associated with this individual should be reviewed to ensure compliance with the NIH Salary Cap.

Additional NIH Salary Cap is available on the UCR Academic Personnel's website.

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