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PIWRS Monthly Expenditure Review

This section provides PIs the information and guidance necessary to perform monthly expenditure and payroll reviews.


New functionality provides the ability to formally document the review of each monthly report.

The Monthly Payroll Review System was introduced as part of a larger initiative, the Annual Payroll Certification process that is scheduled for deployment in the Summer of 2011.  Performing Annual certifications via the PIWRS has been approved as a Federal Demonstration Project which replaces the traditional quarterly process for effort reporting.  The ability to review contract and grant payroll expenditures on monthly basis is meant to facilitate and ease the annual certification process.

Utilizing the Monthly Expenditure and Payroll Review System allows PIs to quickly identify possible errors and make timely corrections.  The regular monthly review process provides PIs with the added assurance that the Contract and Grant funded payroll expenditures are appropriate during the award budget year which ultimately supports the completion of the Annual Payroll Certifications.

The PI Web Reporting System contains new tools to enable the PI to review detailed payroll and benefit information.  Beginning with the April 2011 reports, PIs can begin to formally record their reviews of monthly expenditures and payroll.

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Best Practices

The federal government requires that payroll expenses charged against sponsored projects represent an equitable distribution of charges based upon employees’ work activities.  UCR has utilized the Personnel Activity Report (PAR) to satisfy these federal requirements.  However, the process was found to be confusing, inefficient, and out of alignment with award budget years.  Performing these certifications on an annual basis via an online system (PIWRS) should prove to be much more efficient and straightforward than the traditional effort reporting process.

During Annual Payroll Certification, the PI certifies that salaries and wages are:

  • Reasonable in relation to the work performed
  • Directly benefited the sponsored project
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of the award 

The Monthly Payroll Review System complements this annual certification process.

By completing the monthly reviews the PI provides documentation over fiduciary oversight and allows for errors and omissions to be identified and corrected in a timely manner.  The purpose of the review is to ensure the integrity of the sponsored project expenditures.  Performing monthly reviews complements the Annual Certification process and provides the PIs with added assurance of the integrity of the expenditures when completing the certifications. 

Please contact your department’s financial manager and /or contract and grant analyst for questions about transactions appearing on the report or any errors or omissions that have been detected.

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Reviewing from the Summary Report

PIs may indicate that ALL of their funds have been reviewed by clicking the Review Report button within the Summary Report. 

Review TT

Clicking the Review Report button will display a listing of the PI’s funds along with best practices, guidelines and agency expectations concerning contract and grant payroll reviews. 

Review TT Number
Clicking YES within this window marks that month’s report as Fully Reviewed and the status of the report, in the View Reports menu option, will be updated accordingly. Change Action

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Reviewing from the Current Period Fund Detail Report

PIs can perform the Monthly Review one fund at a time via the Current Period Detail Report. 

Review TT

Clicking the Review Fund button displays information on the fund being reviewed along with best practices, guidelines and agency expectations concerning  contract and grant payroll reviews. 

Review TT Number
 Clicking YES within this window marks the individual fund as Reviewed and that month’s report as Partially Reviewed.  The status will remain Partially Reviewed until all funds from the Summary Report have been reviewed.  Change Action

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PIWRS Payroll Review Tools

To support the Monthly Payroll review process two additional features have been introduced to the PI Web Reporting System.

Review TT

The Payroll Overview Report enables the PI to review all payroll transactions that have been posted against their funds.  The Payroll Overview Report can be accessed via a link the upper-right-hand corner of the Summary Report.  Salary and Benefit drill-downs are also available as hyperlinks within the Current Period Detail Report.  This drill-down information provides more granular details about the salary and benefit transactions charged against the fund in question.

Review TT Number

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