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PI Web Reporting System

On the Horizon

The PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS) will be deployed during the 2010/2011 academic year.

  • Introducing the PI Web Reporting System, available during Fall 2010, includes Summary and Detail reports designed to facilitate the review of month-to-month expenditures and overall fund balances. The PIWRS will not replace existing department-provided reports, but rather will augment them, providing faculty an opportunity to become familiar with the format of the new system, examine transactions and transaction details via the web, provide feedback, and use the various tools contained within the system.
  • Monthly Expenditure Review System of the PIWRS provides additional salary "drill down" details, enabling faculty to review salary and benefit information with greater precision. Additionally, this phase will provide PIs the ability to electronically acknowledge the review of the funds and transactions under their scope of responsibility.  Please note the aforementioned salary review functionality is part of a UCR pilot that involves an alternate approach to effort reporting.   
  • Annual Payroll Certification of the PIWRS. The Monthly Expenditure Review System complements a pilot project that involves an alternate approach to effort reporting. The federal government requires certification that sponsored projects’ payroll expenses represent an equitable distribution of charges based on employees’ work activities. At UCR, this certification is currently accomplished via paper-based effort reports known as PARs (Personnel Activity Reports) that are completed quarterly.

    UCR has received approval to participate in a Federal Demonstration Project that will REPLACE the PAR report with annual payroll certifications within the PIWRS. UC believes that payroll certifications will provide greater accountability, accuracy, efficiency, and transparency as well as improved alignment with federal financial status reporting. This annual certification process will begin in the summer of 2011, and more information will be provided in the months ahead.

  • Other Functionality of the PIWRS includes reporting for extramural funds that are shared/administered across multiple departments and between multiple PIs. Deployment for these various enhancements is planned for the upcoming 6 months.

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