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Payroll Projection Calculations

PIWRS Payroll Projections

The PI Web Reporting System automatically calculates salary and benefit projections. Following is an overview of the formulas used to calculate salary and benefit projections.

Salary Projections

Monthly Salary projections are calculated from the Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW) using Pay Rate and Percentage, through the End Date of the appointment or the end of the Fiscal Year, whichever comes first.

Hourly Salary projections are calculated using the Gross Amount value from the  SuperD.O.P.E. (Distribution of Payroll Expense) application, through the End Date of the appointment.

Benefit Projections

The Calculated Benefits Percentage is calculated sing the previous three-month average of the SuperDOPE total benefits amount.  If there isn’t a three-month average available a default of 25% is used.






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