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PI Web Reporting System

Preferences and Options

Managing PI Preferences

The PI Preferences view allows PIs to customize their view of the PI Web Reporting System.

PIs may rename funds, re-order funds, select funds to display that did not initially meet the display criteria (e.g. the fund has expired), and apply color schemes.

Note: the option to display a particular fund will be reset each month, as the status of a fund (e.g. the expiration date) may change.

In addition, PIs may optionally allow Collaborators to view specific fund reports. For example, a Prime PI may wish to grant other faculty (e.g. Co-PIs) view access to a particular fund. 

PI Preferences

Select "Preferences" from the Welcome tab.

step 1

PI Preferences

The PI Preferences page opens in a new tab labeled "Preferences"

 PI Preferences

Rename a Fund

  • Select the fund row to change
  • Under the Display Option column, click the Project Title option and select Nickname

Rename a Fund, Cont'd

  • Enter the desired nickname in the Nickname field.
  • Click Save Changes to complete the process

Other Options

  • Change the color theme
  • Display or hide the fund
  • Save changes
Other Preferences

Designate a Collaborator

From the fund row click the button below the Collaborators column.


Designate a Collaborator, Cont'd

Enter the UCR NetID of the user who should be assigned Collaborator access.

Click SAVE to complete the process.


Designate a Collaborator, Cont'd

Users designated as Collaborators view the fund report via the Collaborator Report tab.

Note:  If the user does not have R'Space Authorized Application access to PIWRS as a Prime PI, access to PIWRS is available at



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