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PI Web Reporting System

Understanding PIWRS

The PIWRS automatically generates monthly financial statements for individual PI fund numbers. The statements are comprised of all ledger activity (budgetary, expenditure, and encumbrance transactions) posted against that fund. In addition, salary projections are included, as well as optional Non-Salary Projections, which may be entered by Departmental PIWRS Coordinators.

Two reports are available: Summary Report and Current Month Report.

PIWRS Coordinator Quick Links: 

The PIWRS Summary Report

The Summary Report presents a columnar listing of funds and associated balances. The following criteria are used to determine the funds to be included on the Summary Report:

  • The PI is the Prime PI for the fund
  • The fund is active (not expired)
  • The fund balance is not zero
  • There are current-month transactions

PIWRS Summary Report Features and Functionality

The Summary Report presents a snapshot of fund balances (the net of allocations, expenses, and encumbrances for the current fiscal year), grouped by Agency Category (i.e. categories commonly used by granting agencies).

Summary Report

Note!  Indirect Cost and Financial Aid balances are presented separately in the lower section of the report.

While this is the default presentation, PIs may use the Viewing Options menu to group balances by Summary Accounts or Budget Categories (i.e. by the categories used within the UCR Financial System). The amounts may also be viewed by Expenditures only, Appropriations only, or Encumbrances only.

View Options

The Summary Report allows PIs to quickly identify funds that may require special attention. For example, funds that are in deficit (negative balances are displayed in red), or funds that are expiring soon.

Summary Report

Icons are used to indicate fund status.

Fund Status

Fund Details include Fund Number, Agency, and the first several characters of the Fund Description.

Fund Details

Hover over the column heading to view additional details about a fund.

Fund Details
Please note! The order of the funds and the fund description may be customized within the Preferences section.
The Summary Report header lists the PI name and the selected Accounting Period (month). Summary Header

PIWRS Summary Report - Notice of Award

Within the Reports section of the Summary Report (located at the bottom of the Summary Report), links are available to view the Notice of Award.

Click the "View" link to open the desired Notice of Award.

Notice of Award

The resulting screen lists links to view the Notice of Award (multiple links will be presented for awards with renewals or continuations).

Notice of Award

The selected Notice of Award will be displayed.

Notice of Award

PIWRS Summary Report - Inception to Date Report

The Reports section (located at the bottom of the Summary Report) contains links to view the UCRFS Inception to Date Report. The Inception to Date Report provides financial information about the contract or grant since its inception.

Inception to Date

Click the "View" link to open the desired Inception to Date Report.

Inception to Date

PIWRS Summary Report - Projections and Other Options

By default, projections are included on the Summary Report. Salary projections are automatically calculated using the campus payroll system.  Projections can be managed using the Viewing Options menu.

View Projections

Payroll projections are calculated from both the HRDW (Human Resources Data Warehouse) and the SuperDOPE (Distribution of Payroll Expense) application.  MORE...

Salary Projections
If Projections have been selected for display, salary entries will be listed within the Projection Details section. Projection amounts are displayed under the appropriate fund column. Projection details include the employee name and the payroll end date. Salary Projections

The footer section of the Summary Report indicates the viewing options selected.


Understanding the Current Month Detail Report

The Current Month Detail Report provides a list of all transactions that have posted to the selected fund for a specific month.

Click on a fund number from the Summary Report to access Current Month Detail Reports

Current Select

The report is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format with columns indicating the transaction description, account number description, and transaction amount.

Links are available to drill into additional travel, purchase order, and salary/benefit information.

Current Month

The first row of the Current Month Detail Report indicates the balance forward from the previous month, and the final row provides totals for the month and an ending balance.

Current Month

Current Month Detail Report - Drilldown Functionality

Purchase order transactions include links to view additional information about the transaction.

Purchase Order Detail
Selecting the purchase order link displays the PO details from the campus purchasing system (eBuy). Purchase Order Detail

Similarly, travel expenditures include a link to view additional details.

Travel Detail

Selecting the link associated with the travel expenditure displays the expense details from UCR's travel expense reporting system (iTravel).

Travel Detail

PI Options/Preferences

The PI Preferences view allows PIs to customize their view of the PI Web Reporting System.

PI Preferences

PIs may rename funds, re-order funds, select funds to display that did not initially meet the display criteria (e.g. the fund has expired), and apply color schemes.

PI Preferences


The PI Web Reporting System automatically calculates salary and benefit projections. These projections are presented on the Summary Report.  Salary projections are calculated from the Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW) using Pay Rate and Percentage through the PPS End Date of the appointment.  If the PPS End Date extends beyond the fund end date an icon will highlight this condition.

More Information


PIWRS Coordinators may edit, delete or add new payroll projections.

Please Note:  Edits to payroll projections are included on PI Reports if they are active projections with Start and End Dates applicable to the Monthly Report.  Further, changes to payroll projections must be made by the monthly cut-off date.  PIWRS Coordinators receive monthly email notifications with cut-off date information.



Select the category of Payroll Projections and a listing of system generated projections will display. Projections may be sorted by PI Name or Fund number.



Use the edit or delete icons as needed.



To create a new projection select t ADD PROJECTION


Enter payroll projection details and click SAVE to complete the entry.



Non-Payroll projections may be added to PI reports.  Non-Payroll projections are typically expenses such as future travel or pending purchases (e.g., items that have not yet been encumbered via the campus purchasing application eBuy).



Select Non-Payroll Projections.  A listing of Non-Payroll projections will display.  Add, Edit or Delete options are available.  Select ADD PROJECTION to create a new non-payroll projection.  If the non-salary projection is for a shared fund select the SHARED entry and the shared fund FAU combination from the drop-down menu.



Enter the required fields and click SAVE to complete the entry.


SHARED FUNDS, Non-Contract & Grant Funds

Shared Funds (non-Contract/Grant funds) may be added to a PI Report. Shared funds are typically general funds that are allocated to PIs via a cost center and/or project code designation.




Select the Shared Funds Non-C&G menu item to view existing shared fund entries.  Click the ADD SHARED FUND icon to create a new shared fund entry.

Enter the required fields and click SAVE to complete the entry.  shared

Shared funds are presented on the Summary Report with a "Shared" prefix label.  Hover text presents additional details regarding the shared fund entry.

A corresponding Current Month Report is also available.



Use the COPY option to update allocation amounts for a shared fund. 

Note!  Shared fund entries, once created, cannot be deleted if a report has already been generated.  To stop a shared fund entry from displaying on future PI reports edit the shared fund entry and adjust the end date accordingly.



PIs may authorize Collaborators to view specific fund reports. For example, a Prime PI may wish to designate other researchers access to fund reports.  Users designated as Collaborators view reports via a Collaborator tab in the PIWRS application.

More information regarding PI Preferences

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