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Understanding PreAward Requests

PreAward Requests

The On-Line PreAward Request System provides the electronic means to request PreAward expenditures.  The PreAward request is routed through the department for necessary approvals and then submitted to the Office of Research  and Economic Development (RED) for processing and final approval.

PAMIS and PreAward

When RED approves and processes a PreAward request, it is activated in PAMIS.  An e-mail is generated notifying the appropriate parties similar to the regular PAMIS award process. The fund number is assigned using the same criteria and the same method as a regular PAMIS award. Processing a PreAward through PAMIS allows for the establishment of a PAMIS PreAward BEA (an actual budget reflecting the approved PreAward budget versus $1 holding budget that is currently utilized). The PreAward budget is offset to BC99 (BC-PreAward) rather than a revenue account. The approved PreAward authorizes expenditures up to the dollar limit and time period.

By processing the PreAward through PAMIS, various email notifications will automatically be generated in the following circumstances:

  • When there is a revision after the PreAward has been established
  • When a PreAward is nearing expiration (approximately two weeks)
  • When a PreAward has expired (NO additional expenditures can be incurred against the PreAward)
  • When a PreAward will not be funded by the Sponsor

Note:  When a Sponsor does not fund the anticipated contract or grant, ALL PreAward expenditures MUST be immediately transferred to the unrestricted funding source identified on the PreAward request, and the PreAward budget will be automatically reversed.

Tracking PreAward Information

PAMIS enables the tracking of PreAwards throughout their life via the grid that can be viewed through Award Information by clicking on the award number, searched for using various criteria through the search engine in Award Information, and the history of the award.

Receipt of PAMIS Award

When the "actual" award is received and fully executed, it will be treated as a new or continuing award in PAMIS.  The Pre-award budget will be automatically reversed and the Department will complete the BEA form in PAMIS for the actual awarded amount.

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