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R'Cloud Enhancement!

On May 24th, 2017, our existing R’Cloud interface (OwnCloud) will be enhanced with a new service called Syncplicity. This new service offers many robust file and sync, mobile, and collaboration features.

As of May 24th, 2017, you will need to begin using the new service to upload all your new content. Users are advised to stop transferring data to R'Cloud after 5pm on May 23rd, 2017. 

You will be will be able to continue to access R'Cloud Archive (OwnCloud) until September 30th, 2017, by visiting and accessing the R'Cloud Archive link. From now until then, you are encouraged to migrate all your data to the new Syncplicity service.

What is R'Cloud

R'Cloud, powered by Syncplicityoffers a secure and entirely on premise file storage solution that is provided to all UCR Senate Faculty in addition to, and separate from, Google Drive.  All files uploaded to R’Cloud are housed entirely on campus in a safe and secure environment by Computing & Communications, and provide a full 3 Terabytes (TB) of space.  Now UCR Senate Faculty have a reliable and secure way to store, sync, and access files across multiple devices.

Other File Storage Options

R'Docs (Google Drive), is an unlimited cloud storage used by UCR employees & students. This service can also be a mapped drive on your computer. Although Google Drive is cloud based (not on site) it does adhere to UCR security standards.

Colocation Storage services are available for large storage requirements in support of research and digital scholarship.  This offering consists of hardware hosted by C&C in a physically secure, and environmentally controlled campus data center.  This service is optimized to provide researchers with a robust, reliable, and secure environment for IT hardware colocation to facilitate research.

Why use R'Cloud

Faculty would use their R'Cloud storage to store their research and digital scholarship files in a secure location.  Faculty can store documents, complete folders, photographs, videos, presentations, or any other type of research file. With 3TB of space, faculty can also use their storage to backup their important folders.  Additionally, there is the ability to share files to peers locally or anywhere in the world. Files will be stored on UCR premises. UCR's stores data in a controlled data center; files are not stored in a cloud environment.

Getting Help
Syncplicity Support

For support using Syncplicity, such as a specific "How To" using Syncplicity, please visit the Syncplicity Support site or email their support team at:

If you need further assistance in accessing your account, or for more information on data types, data security, data storage locations, please contact the C&C Computer Support Group Helpdesk at (951) 827 – 3555 or via email at

All R'Cloud users must adhere to the Electronic Communications Policy.

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