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R'Cloud Mobile Access

Using your Mobile Device to Access R'Cloud (Syncplicity)

In addition to the web interface, it is possible to access your R'Cloud storage space from your mobile device as a client application. This allows you to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. You are able to work with documents and files on any, and all, of your mobile devices as easily as you do on your desktop or laptop. 

How to Install the Mobile Apps

The links below will direct you to the applicable application. When you log in online to R'Cloud, you will have the option to download the mobile app to your device as well. 

Mobile Application Getting Started Guides

The following links will direct to the Syncplicity support site. Learn how to manage files, folders, settings, sharing, etc. for each of your devices.

To keep in mind:

  • For all mobile devices, a mobile passcode (PIN) will be enforced. After 5 unsuccessful PIN attempts, your Syncplicity data will be removed from this device. The PIN is required to be entered only once per calendar day. 
  • Be aware that mobile synchronization is currently set to be unlimited data usage. Depending upon how much data is transferred this may be an issue with users who do not have a high or unlimited data plan. Users can set their own data limits on their mobile devices to go avoid going over their data limit and incurring additional charges. Please refer to the Apps Setting section in the Getting Started Guides above for your device! 

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