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In Spring 2010 C&C conducted a survey of approximately 1,300 R'Mail pilot users and obtained responses from approximately 400 individuals.  The following is a summary of the survey responses that have been OVERWHELMINGLY positive:

  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Senior:

    “Why haven't you switched the whole school yet?”
  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Graduate Student:

    “I'm thrilled that UCR is making the switch to a Gmail-supported setup. It's what I'm used to, and I'm much happier with the idea of not having to learn a new setup. I got accepted to UCR, and I was able to almost immediately make the switch from Webmail (kinda clunky and out-dated-looking) to R'Mail. Excellent decision on UCR's part. Thank you for making my life easier! (Is there anything you can do to fix the feeling of impending doom associated with starting a grad program?)”
  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Junior:

    “R'Mail is amazing and in my opinion finally puts UCR on a level equal to that of other UCs for student communication.  I was always annoyed with the fact that the old webmail system only gave me 400 MB of space, and now I am absolutely thrilled about receiving 7.5 GB of space.  There is no more need for me to be concerned about running out of space and not receiving a message due to quota issues.  I know now that every message sent to me will be received.  All of my email now goes to my R'Mail, and I love every feature of it.  From iPhone Contact, Calendar, and Mail push synchronization to a fully integrated Outlook features, R'Mail is amazing, Google is amazing, and you have a very happy client.”
  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Junior:

    “Its about time that we switched to Google Apps. By outsourcing our email and applications to Google i believe that we will better students ability to communicate with one another. Thank You!!!”
  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Freshman:

    “R'Mail is so much easier to nagivate and is more high tech than Webmail. Here, I can save my contacts instead of trying to spend hours attempting to find an old email. Please keep R'Mail! I can't go back to Webmail.”
  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Junior:

    “I don't really care about other apps, but man, Rmail really, really hit the mark in how to provide good access to e-mail.”
  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Senior:

    “I'm glad to have been able to try rmail before graduating, it is a huge step up from webmail.  Though I was wondering, since our webmail account is terminated when we graduate will the same happen to our rmail account?  Thank you so much.”

  • UCR Student on 5/11/2010, a Senior:

    “Would like to be able to link assignment deadlines, campus events, outdoor excursions and other relevant info from iLearn and link to R'Mail Calendar.”

Key Aggregated Survey Results:


Class standing
R'Mail is easy to use
I like R'Mail
Comparison of R'Mail to Webmail

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