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Registration Number System

Registration Number Creation & Editing

Creating or editing a registration number in the RNS is a simple process, using the following steps:  

After logging into the RNS, the user is presented with a Main Menu containing the following items:

  • Request Registration Number - For initiating a new registration number within the system
  • View WIP - For viewing registration numbers requests that have been started, but not yet completed/created.
  • View Active Numbers - For viewing active registration numbers, which have been created but have not yet been billed.
  • Search Registration Numbers - For viewing any registration number, including those that have been billed to the UCR Financial System.

Clicking on Request Registration Number will take the user to the registration number creation interface.


The registration number creation/editing interface contains all the information necessary to generate a UCLC registration number. The information is organized into the following sections:

Top Information: These fields provide key information about the nature of the registration number request. The following fields are found in this section:

  • Requestor NetID - This is the NetID of the individual who is making the request for a registration number. This may or may not be the learner who will actually register for the training in the UCLC. This field is required.
  • Expiration Date - By default, this is set to 90 days from the initiation of the registration number, but it can be modified by the Transactor. After this expiration date, the registration number can no longer be validated, and cannot be used in the UCLC.
  • Description - This field is used for a description of the training request for which the registration number is being issued. This field is required.
  • Request Type: This field is used to designate the type of registration number being created. Three option are possible:
    • Single Attendee/Single Use: This is the creation of registration number for use in the UCLC for a single learning activity, by a single learner. When this option is selected, the learner's NetID may be entered in the Requestor NetID field, or the Attendee/Alternate Contact NetID field, whichever is most appropriate.
    • Multiple Attendees/Single use: This is the creation of registration number for use in the UCLC for a single learning activity, by multiple learners (for example, when a group or entire department is being sent to a single training. When this option is selected, the Transactor is prompted to indicate how many attendees will be attending the training, and to input their NetIDs.
    • Single Attendee/Multiple Use: This is the creation of registration number for use in the UCLC by multiple learning activities by a single learners. When this option is selected, the Transactor is prompted to indicate how many uses are allowed for the learner.

Requested Learning Activity: The optional fields in this section can be used to record the relevant details about the learning activity to be registered for in the UCLC. A link to the UCLC is provided so that Transactors may look up the learning activity within the UCLC catalog if they wish to do so.


FAU: This required section allows entry of the FAU to be utilized for the training in question. Currently, only one FAU can be entered per registration number. The user should select the hourglass for each of the FAU elements (Cost Center and Project Code are optional), and select the relevant value for that FAU element. Please note that the Account field is limited to accounts appropriate to be used for training.



Other Information: These optional fields allow the user to input an alternate contact NetID associated with the registration number (or, in the case of a single attendee/single use number, the attendees info may be entered here), and input any comments relevant to the request.



Once the Transactor has completed these fields, he/she may Submit the request. The generated registration number will appear on the subsequent screen, and the Transactor will additionally receive an email with the registration number, which may be passed along to the individual(s) who made the initial request.


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