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Registration Number System

Searching for Registration Numbers

The Search interface in the Registration Number System is easy to use. This screen can be accessed by clicking on Search in the Main Menu. Criteria

Within the Search interface, the user is presented with a number of options. The following parameters can be edited by the user to modify search results:

  • Accountability Structure - All of the user's available accountability structures will be listed for selection.
  • Registration Number - The user can specify part or all of a registration number to bring back that particular number or set of numbers.
  • Requestor Net ID - The user can specify part or all of a requestor's Net ID to constrain ths search results.
  • Description - The user can search the Description field of Registration Number requests for a specific word or phrase.
  • Attendee Net ID - The user can search for a partial or complete Attendee Net ID from amongst the available records (please note that Attendee Net ID is not a required field, and some records may not have the Attendee Net ID populated.
  • Status - The user can select one or more of the possible statuses for Registration Numbers, which include:
    • WIP - The Registration Number request has been initiated, but the Registration Number has not been created.
    • Issued - The Registration Number has been created, but has not yet been used (the attendee has not yet registered).
    • Used - The Registration Number has been used to register within the UC Learning Center.
    • Billed - The learning activity within the UC Learning Center has been completed and billed to the UCR Financial System.
    • Administrator Closed - The Registration Number has been administratively closed.
    • System Closed - The Registration Number has expired without registration and has been closed by the system.
Selecting Search will bring back the set of records specified by the user's selections. At the right end of each record is an Action link which allows the user to either Edit or View the record in question. Records may be edited until the they reach the Used status, subsequent to this they may only be viewed.

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