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Clicker Checkout Program Agreement

When reserving, and checking out, a clicker students agree to the following terms and conditions:

UCR Clicker Checkout Program Agreement

By clicking "Submit" I agree to assume all responsibility for the UCR property that I am borrowing. This includes providing safe storage and reasonable protection from theft, as well as avoiding accidental or intentional damage. I will maintain the equipment in working condition and exercise proper care in its use, until it has been returned by me personally to the proper representative of the Clicker Checkout Program.

I understand that when the equipment is returned, it will be inspected for damage and that I will bear any cost required to restore it to the "as received" condition. I will also pay to replace any lost equipment. The condition of the equipment will be noted upon checkout, and I will not be responsible for any wear or damage noted at the time of checkout.

By using this equipment, you agree to the terms set forth below:

  1. I understand that the clicker checkout period is for one Quarter, and is only eligible for students who are enrolled in a course that requires a clicker.
  2. I will keep the clicker in a safe and secure place at all times. I understand that leaving a clicker unattended is subject to confiscation by Clicker Checkout personnel and may result in loss of clicker checkout privileges.
  3. I understand that clickers are available for rent starting the official first day of instruction, and must be returned to the Clicker Checkout location within 2 business days of the official last day of the Quarter; OR within 2 business days of withdrawing or dropping from the enrolled course that requires the clicker. Failure to do so may result in being billed a replacement equal to the replacement cost per the Campus Store.
  4. I understand that if the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, I will be billed a replacement fee equal to the replacement cost per the Campus Store.
  5. I will return the clicker in the same condition as when received. I will not dismantle the clicker or deface it in any way.
  6. I will report any problems with the clicker to the Clicker Checkout personnel immediately upon discovery.
  7. I will notify Clicker Checkout personnel immediately if any equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  8. I understand that if I violate this user agreement, fail to return the clicker, or return the clicker with damage beyond reasonable wear and tear, I may be disallowed from future clicker checkout privileges.
  9. I will comply with the UC Riverside and University of California Electronic Communications Policies and Guidelines and all other applicable State or Federal laws pertaining to copyright and contractual agreements.

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