University of California, Riverside

Student Computing Services

Lab Policies

General Rules Governing the Use of SCS Facilities

  1. Use these facilities for class-related activities and for checking email.
  2. Neither food nor drinks (nor related containers) are permitted in any lab facilities.
  3. Playing of computer games is not permitted.
  4. Refrain from loud conversations, including cell phone conversations, so others are not disturbed.
  5. Use your own account. Sharing accounts may result in your account being closed.
  6. Personal software or external devices may not be INSTALLED on any UCR equipment. However, USB disks that do not require installation may be used.
  7. Do not open, or modify any configurations on, any lab computer or printer. If you experience a problem with a computer or printer, please let a lab consultant know.
  8. You may not use the lab consultant phone. The lab consultant can call the escort service for you (at night).
  9. Do not save documents on lab computers. Please use your disk instead.


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Student Computing Services
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