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UCR Computer Expectation Policy

Since 2003, UCR has expected students to have regular access to computers with internet access and word processing capabilities. In order to accommodate students who do not own a computer themselves, several campus computer labs are maintained. For those students looking to purchase a computer, we have provided some friendly advice to help students ensure they get the right computer to fit their individual needs. Below is the original computer expectation policy for students.

University of California, Riverside
Effective: October 20, 2003
Student E-mail Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines

"UCR strongly recommends that all students have a computer with Internet access. UCR faculty will assume students have such access, and academic work may require it. The UCR administration will also assume that students have Internet access, and many administrative tasks may require students to use the Internet. The primary mode of campus communications is e-mail, and it is therefore mandatory for students to utilize their campus e-mail accounts to review academic and administrative electronic correspondence."

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