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Student Computing Services

Getting Started

Upon Arrival

Once parents and students arrive, they are escorted to their rooms and find printed information concerning upcoming activities as well as resources that enables students to quickly access campus computing services.

Very importantly, each student is provided a ResNet computer CD that assists students in "Getting Connected."

Connecting your PC

Over the years, ResNet has successfully helped 1,000s of students connect to the campus network. The "Getting Connected" registration process has proven to be highly successful: in general, 90% of residents successfully connect to UCR's network within the first hour. The following few paragraphs describe the "Getting Connected" process.

Ensuring your Computer is Virus Free and Properly "Patched"

Getting Connected begins with ensuring your computer is virus free and has all important updates and patches (to ensure the computer is not susceptible to future infections). This step is critical to ensuring uninterrupted access not only for students with infected PCs, but also for students who may come under attack from computers with viruses.

The first step consists of connecting the ethernet cable to the data jack in your room, turning on the computer, and inserting the computer CD provided by ResNet into your PC. This CD is an invaluable resource for students and will be used throughout the year: the CD connects to ResNet computers and supplies appropriate information for registration and also allows ResNet to provide critical updates, patches, and other tools as they become available throughout the year.

After inserting the CD, a dialog box automatically appears and walks the user through basic maintenance tasks. The CD also scans the computer ensuring that the PC is free from viruses and has all the latest updates and patches. Please note that ResNet supports and supplies software updates for MacOSX, Win2000, and Windows XP. Students may use other products but they are responsible for ensuring that critical software updates are appropriately applied.

Loading Anti-Virus Software

After the computer has been properly patched and is virus free, the user is directed to ResNet anti-virus resources ( This web site allows students to obtain Sophos Anti-Virus software at no cost.

Registering Your Computer

All residents perform a simple registration process before obtaining access to UCR's network. Students simply open a web browser and they are redirected to the ResNet registration site. Registration involves the following:

  • Agreeing to the ResNet Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Confirming their residential hall location.
  • Logging in using student ID and perm pin.

Once the registration process is complete, the student's account will be activated within 15 minutes.

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