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Lab Reservation and Software Installation : Terms of Agreement

The primary mission of the Student Computing Services (SCS) microcomputer facilities is to support instruction and to provide students with the necessary tools and technologies for their classwork and research. As part of our endeavor to provide the highest quality service to our clients, and to support the University's dedication to teaching and research, faculty and staff may reserve computer labs for class use and have specialty software installed in our facilities. In requesting to reserve one of the SCS microcomputer facilities, or to have software installed, you agree to the following Terms of Agreement:

  • SCS computer labs may only be reserved for instruction that requires the use of a computer. The SCS computer labs are not intended for lecture-only use.
  • Labs may only be reserved during their scheduled open hours as listed on the SCS website at
  • Lab reservation requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the requested reservation time.
  • Notify Richard Ybarra immediately should you need to cancel or change a reservation. He may be contacted via email at, or by phone at 827-6562. This will allow us to re-open the lab to general student use and to make the necessary changes in our consultant staffing schedule.
  • If instruction has not started by fifteen minutes after the hour, we will open the lab for general student use.
  • You are responsible for supplying your own pens, markers, erasers and other instructional tools.
  • Software installation requests must be submitted at least 15 days before the beginning of the quarter for which the programs are needed.
  • If requesting to have software installed, the software, instructions and license information should be submitted to Robert Newman in 2103 Watkins Hall no later than 15 days before the beginning of the quarter for which the programs are needed.
  • Please provide written start-up and printing instructions for the program(s) for the software you have requested to be installed when the software is submitted.
  • SCS staff and lab consultants are not responsible for knowledge of specialty software installed in our labs. We will install the software, and show students how to access it. We will not be responsible for providing any training necessary nor answering technical questions related to specialized software.
  • SCS will not purchase specialized software to install in the facilities for instructional use.
  • To have software installed, a software license must be purchased for each machine on which the software will be installed.

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