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Google Sites

With Google Sites you can host a personal website with your UCR R'Mail account.  You do not need to sign up, the feature is already available.  Just log in to your R'Mail account then click on Sites in the top menu.


Student sites do not have individual quotas. Instead, there is a single quota that encompasses all student Sites.  To conserve quota we recommend that students use Google Drive to share files rather than the File Cabinet site template or Attachments feature.  Files stored in your Google Drive can be included in your website as an object, but do not affect the Sites quota.

Creating a Site

To create your website:

  1. Log in to R'Mail then click Sites in the top menu.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a name for your site.  This name will become part of the address for your website and must be unique.
  4. Choose the template that you want to use.
  5. Click Create

The address for your website will now be where your_site_name is the name that you gave your website.


Google Sites uses templates to make website creation easy.  When creating a website you can choose to start with either a blank template, or a template from Google's gallery.  Templates help to create a consistent look and feel throughout your site.

Basic Content

With Sites you do not need to either write HTML or use a separate program to write your webpages.  Sites uses a web based editor for adding and styling content.  For those who like to write HTML, or want to fine tune the style of their content, the editor does include an option to view and edit the HTML for your page.

Objects and Gadgets

You can add content other than basic webpages to your site using the add objects or insert gadgets functions.  With these functions you can add files from your Google Drive, insert RSS feeds, insert embedded videos, and more.


Google Sites allows users to decide who may view their websites.  You can:

  • Make your site public, allowing anyone to view it.
  • Allow specific individuals to view it.
  • Allow specific individuals to both view, and edit it.

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