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UCR and Computing and Communications (C&C) offers a wide variety of services to expand and enrich the educational opportunities of UCR students. From the iLearn learning management system to the on-campus wireless network, the face of student computing and technology at UCR is always changing to meet the academic needs of UCR students and to promote the exchange and creation of knowledge and ideas.

Every UCR student is automatically assigned a student account which provides access to the computing services provided by C&C, including the computer labs, email, iLearn, the wireless network and many other services. All that you need to start using these services is your UCR Net ID, your Student ID Number and your Permanent PIN.

iGuide Information Guide to computing resources for new students.
Anti-spyware / Anti-virus Administrative Information about protecting your computer.
Clickers Academic Information on the usage of classroom clickers.
Computer Labs Administrative Information about UCR's computer labs available for student use.
Digital Millennium Copyright Act Administrative Information about the DMCA and how it affects campus internet use.
Google Drive Administrative Information on storage space available for student use.
Google Sites Administrative Information on hosting student websites.
Growl Academic Web application for registering classes, checking grades, viewing degree requirements, and accessing personal enrollment information.
Guide to Purchasing a Computer Information Guide on purchasing a computer suitable to meet university expectations.
iEval Academic Web-based course evaluation system.
iLearn Academic Web application for course assignments, information, & resources.  Online support information available.
Laptop Checkouts Services Check out laptops for 2 hours at a time from the front desk at the HUB.
Legal2Share Information Information about legal music sharing services available to students.
Multimedia Technologies Group Academic Information on classroom multimedia equipment.
MySoftware Administrative Free software available for student download.
Residence Hall Networking Administrative Information about the internet use in the Residence Halls.
Residence Halls Telephone Service Administrative Instructions on landline telephone use in the Residence Halls.
R'Mail Administrative Web application for UCR e-mail.  Online support information available.
R'Web Administrative Web portal for access to UCR student applications and news.
Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Academic Information on how to connect to UCR's network from outside of UCR.
vLab Administrative Access to academic software without having to download software. Available via remote desktop or web-based.


Services Upload your files online remotely and print them on campus through WebPrint

Wireless Networking

Administrative Information about UCR's Wireless Network, including location maps.

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