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Five Important Initiatives Enhancing Security @ UCR

UCR’s electronic systems, communications resources, and cyber infrastructures are fundamental tools used to facilitate campus research, instruction, public service, and administrative processes. To protect these valuable resources, the campus has acted on five important initiatives aimed at enhancing cyber security.  An overview of these efforts is as follows:

  • UCR has adopted a suite of Minimum Standards for all devices connecting to the campus network. These standards will help ensure the campus electronic resources are available, reliable, and secure.
  • UCR provides anti-virus software available to all faculty and staff at no cost.
  • UCR also provides anti-spyware software available to all faculty and staff at no cost.
  • UCR departments have access to a web based tool for acquiring computers and laptops at extremely competitive prices. Access to this new tool (eBuy PC+) will help ensure campus computers are upgraded on a regular basis and are thus capable of running secure operating systems as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Finally, UCR has created and deployed an on-line Security Tutorial providing background on important security related issues as well as practical techniques for securing and protecting campus electronic resources, especially personal computers.

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