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Campus Policy Number: 400-35 and Forms

Access to Information Systems

Access to the University's information systems and data is limited to those individuals who have a demonstrated need for access based on their job duties.  Request for access to administrative information systems for individuals must be made by their department head or delegate.  Access may be granted for UCR employees that hold career and limited status positions.  Access may also be granted for  non-UCR employees such as consultants, auditors, or temporary agency employees.

Campus Policy Number: 400-35 - Information Systems (Access, Use, and Security)

System Access Forms

Signature Authorization / Delegation

This form identifies and authorizes the Department Dean and any delegates for each department. These individuals will be authorized to sign and approve access to the different systems for their department employees. The systems will primarily be UCRIBM systems.

IBM Logon ID Request form

This form is used to request an IBM User ID. This ID allows users to be granted access to the UCRIBM mainframe systems.

Request for Access to Systems – IBM

This form is used to request access for an employee to one or more of the systems on the UCRIBM mainframe, such as Storehouse, Equipment Management, PPS-UCOP, SIS+, or other UCRIBM system.

Cancellation Request – IBM

This form is used to cancel an employee’s IBM User ID. It must be completed by the department head or authorized delegate, and returned to Computing and Communications.

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