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Majority of Health Data Breaches Due to Theft

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Type of Health Data Breaches as of Feb. 17, 2011

# of Breaches Breach Type # of Individuals Affected
135 Theft 3,699,822
54 Unauthorized Access 787,398
42 Loss 1,216,468
21 Hacking/IT Incident 903,889
14 Improper Disposal 81,859
1 Other 344,579
(Editor’s Note: Often breaches are attributed to multiple reasons, so the numbers attributed to any one cause will overstate the total in any one category)

Source: HHS

Source: HIPAA & Breach Enforcement Statistics for March 2011

Statistics on health data breaches from January 18 through Feburary 17, 2011 demonstrate that theft is the number one type of health data breach reported.

Although these statistics include both printed and electronic data, the salient point is the "hacking" only accounts for a relatively small percentage of security breaches. The majority result from theft, while hacking (during the period noted below), only accounted for 7.8% of all breaches

This underscores the importance of never storing protected information on a desktop or (more particularly) laptop computer, and, if there is a valid business need for protected data to be stored on a desktop or laptop computer, that adequate precautions be taken to physically secure the device. More about protected personal information & security best practices

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