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Latest Viruses and Spyware
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Personal computer and laptop security (often referred to as “desktop security”) is absolutely essential to ensuring a robust, reliable, and secure campus cyber environment. It is thus extremely important that desktop computers meet campus Minimum Standards for connecting to the network and that these devices utilize both anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Moreover, faculty and staff are encouraged to use "best practices" relating to a variety of cyber tasks, including protecting passwords, surfing web sites, and opening e-mail attachments.

Computing and Communications has provided the web links below to assist in setting up a safe and secure campus networked desktop computer. Please feel free to contact the Help Desk ( for more information or assistance using any of the services or tools found on this web site.

Other resources available can be found on the Computing Support Services website. Also available are Animated Tutorials providing instruction in securely setting up email.

Safe Roaming for Wireless Users

Today, most desktop devices (laptops) come standard with wireless capabilities. Whether the laptop user is roaming using wireless on the UCR campus or connecting via their ISP from home or away at a remote site, use of UCR's Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution provides faculty, staff and students with a secure method of accessing the UCR network. Wireless users should strongly consider always using VPN to protect the confidentiality of their data during wireless transmission.

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