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Data Sanitization Practices by Organization

Several methods can be used to scrub or render unreadable data on disks, tapes and/or other read/write media.

Below is a listing of each campus organization and each group's preferred method of data sanitization. Please contact your Technical Advisor for information regarding specific appropriate security measures for your department.

Campus OrganizationContactMethod 1Method 2Method 3
AGSM Nathan Roy DBAN wipe Physical Destruction N/A
Finance & Business Operations Bill Freire Active Kill Disk N/A N/A
Biomedical Sciences Nancy Price Wipe by reformatting DBAN N/A
CHASS James Lin
Pending Pending
Chancellor/EVC Office Anthony Perry Retention of hard drives and magnets N/A N/A
Computing & Communications Colleen Jaehnig Erasing/Overwriting Degaussing Physical Destruction
CNAS C&C Helpdesk
Pending Pending Pending
COE John Cleary Pending Pending Pending
Graduate Division Vicki Long Pending Pending Pending
GSOE Robert Wolfer Pending Pending Pending
Library Terry Toy Sensitive data stored only on network drives, never on individual PCs Forensic format utility wipe Physical destruction via professional company
UNEX Bill Manes Physical Destruction N/A N/A
VCR Stan Fletcher Pending Pending Pending
VCSA Tech Services Ken Wolfrom Norton Wipedisc Servers wiped and reloaded before reuse N/A
VCUA Christian Hamilton Servers: Physical Destruction Workstations / Laptops: DBAN Wipe Treos: Hard reset


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