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FERPA Considerations

FERPA governs UCR's use and management of student personal and academic information.  All decisions relating to use of student data, electronic or otherwise, must adhere to the legally mandated obligations that UCR is subject to under FERPA.  Bracken Dailey, UCR's Registrar, is the campus FERPA officer.

UCR is legally entitled to use student personal and academic data to meet the administrative and instructional needs of the University, even when these needs are met (entirely or in part) via private sector partners. In cases when private sector organizations become involved and utilize student data, the following four items must be included in the terms and conditions of the vendor purchase order:

  1. The vendor must adhere to all FERPA requirements that UCR is subject to when dealing with student personal and academic information.
  2. The vendor must agree to only utilize the data for the express purpose contained in the purchase order / agreement.
  3. The vendor may not provide/disclose the data (in any fashion) to any other individual or entity.
  4. The vendor must agree to destroy the data when the terms of the purchase order / agreement have expired.

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