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In order to provide campus with an inexpensive, supported firewall solution, well integrated with the campus network infrastructure, Computing & Communications has developed a commodity Intel-based firewall that is free from software licensing costs. The firewall will pass all network traffic originating from the protected department "Inside" network while blocking all traffic originating from the "Outside". Access from the outside to any servers inside the department must be explicitly enabled at the department's request.


  • Intel based hardware in a rack-mount form factor for installation in existing network wiring closets.
  • Stateful firewall software based on the open-source FreeBSD operating system.
  • Current implementation uses the firewall as an invisible bridge connecting the protected LAN with the rest of the campus and the outside world.
  • Separate management interface for greater security.
  • All management operations are encrypted for security.

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Jason Byrne
C&C Firewall Administrator
(951) 827-7132

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