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On the Security Horizon @ UCR

UCR has deployed various systems, tools, and processes to enhance network and systems security while guarding the privacy and confidentiality of campus electronic communications. Despite this progress, C&C continues to plan, evaluate, and act on new initiatives as part of a continuing commitment cyber security. This web page provides an overview of some of C&C's current efforts aimed at further enhancing network, server, and desktop security. To discuss these initiatives (Co-location @ UCR and Encryption @ UCR) or to dialog about a particular departmental need, please contact Russ Harvey, Director, Computing Infrastructure and Security (

Co-location @ UCR

As UCR continues to grow and the importance of its cyber infrastructure increases, the need for a robust co-location facility (providing physically and environmentally secure space for electronic systems) also increases.

A co-location facility (also known as a co-lo) will provide both "private / public" access to space containing systems, storage arrays, and peripherals racked and caged to meet specific department/center/unit security needs. UCR's co-location facility will have the following characteristics:

  • The co-lo's electrical systems will provide reliable power, battery backup, and a generator service for prolonged power outages.
  • The co-lo space will be physically secure and continually monitored by operations staff and UCR police.
  • Access to the co-lo will be via a card-key system.
  • The co-lo facility will have appropriate environmentals (air conditioning, fire suppression, humidity controls, etc.).
  • The co-location facility will be located at a central networking hub, ensuring the fastest possible network connection to systems located within the co-lo space.

As UCR visions and plans for such a co-location facility, C&C has established limited space that is available for immediate co-location needs (e.g. supercomputers, administrative systems, etc.). For information about co-lo opportunities, please contact Israel Fletes, Director, Educational Technology and Computing Services ( or Russ Harvey, Director, Computing Infrastructure and Security (

Encryption @ UCR

Data at rest (stored on file servers, servers, desktops or laptops) as well as data in transit (laptop to server or server to server between disparate locations) must be made secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Depending on the nature of the data in question, this protection may include appropriate physical security, access controls, and authorization controls. However, when data is particularly sensitive (e.g. Social Security numbers in combination with first and last name), it may become necessary to apply additional security measures to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, and safety of this data. Utilizing encryption software ensures that if a system is compromised (e.g. a laptop is stolen), the data is secure from unauthorized access and potential misuse.

In the months ahead, C&C will be formally presenting the campus with options relating to encryption software utilization, acquisition, and support.

Additional, detailed information concerning encryption software, techniques, issues, etc. can be found in the University of California's publication "Encryption at the University of California: Overview and Recommendations." ( ) For immediate concerns and questions, please contact Israel Fletes, Director, Educational Technology and Computing Services (

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