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List of Important Steps to Secure Sensitive Research Data

Classify your Data

Does your research involve Personal Protected Data, Health Information, Student Information, or other Sensitive Data?

  • Personal Protected Data
    • Social security number AND/OR
    • Driver's license number AND/OR
    • Financial account or credit card number in combination with any password that would permit access to the individual's account
  • Medical information (added to the definition of personal protected data in 2007)
    • Health Information
    • If working with health information, are you acting solely in the capacity of a researcher?
  • Are you working with Student Information?

If your research involves or will involve data that must be secured, keep the following in mind:

  • Where is the data stored? Is it on a portable device such as a PDA, or laptop?
  • Who has access? Did they successfully pass a background check?
  • Do you have adequate Technical Staff to ensure the system is maintained?
  • Is the data/server technologically safeguarded? Can the data be accessed from the network? Is there a firewall?
  • Is the server/system that houses the data physically safe?
  • Are regular back ups of the data conducted? How is the back up stored? Is it secured?

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