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Best Practices

Best Practices for Protected, Personal Information

  • In general, never store Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information on personal computers, laptops, or other electronic devices.
  • If your workplace duties require storing Social Security Numbers on your electronic systems, the device must be registered with your college or unit’s Responsible Administrative Official along with a plan on how this information has been made secure and must meet minimum standards for connecting to UCR's network.
  • Collect and retain only that data which is essential to the performance of assigned tasks.
  • Delete personal information when there is no longer a business need for its retention on computing systems.
  • Provide staff access to sensitive data only as needed to perform assigned duties.
  • Design database systems so that personal information can be identified.
  • When personally identifying information is included in the distribution of data to any downstream users, include notification of that fact, including reference to these guidelines.
  • Remove personal information not critical to the task when distributing full data sets to downstream users.
  • Whenever possible, configure electronic applications that check authorizing or authenticating databases to return confirming responses rather than personal information.
  • Review and update agreements with external service providers to ensure vendor compliance with these requirements.
  • Be prepared in advance in the event of the need for any immediate notification to individuals whose personal data is retained on computing systems.
  • Never leave sensitive data exposed on computer screens when not in use or leave computer screens unattended without appropriate screen access controls.

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