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Protecting Research Data

Introduction and Background

The increase in the use of data warehouse storage has led the entire University of California community to be concerned with and proactive about data security. Compromised data can have serious repercussions to the University as well as the Principal Investigator. Therefore, UCR and Computing and Communications have taken steps to provide means of protecting campuses databases and specifically, are recommending practices for securing and protecting the campus's sensitive electronic research data. Following these practices will help to ensure the security of the systems involved and thus the confidentiality, availability and integrity of sensitive electronic research data.

To aid in the dissemination of information regarding the protection of digital research data, this website contains pertinent guidelines, procedures and practices for classifying and registering your research as well as formulating a personal security plan to offset the threat of a systems breach and or catastrophic event where power and systems are lost.

UCR and C&C realize the importance of individual research projects and it is inherently important that we work together to protect the valuable contributions of the faculty, staff and students of UCR.

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