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Security Measures

Recommendations & Requirements for Security Measures

Classification of data drives the level of security that should be implemented. In general, all research data should follow the minimum security requirements as outlined below. However, special or additional requirements might be necessary depending on the classification. Below please find General Security measures that all research data should adhere to, along with special or additional requirements by classification. Questions not answered above in section Classification of Data (Sensitivity) regarding definitions of data, can be addressed by the Director of Security Policy Administration.

General Security Measures

Identifies components to include in a Security plan based on the UC Business and Finance Bulletin IS-3 regarding electronic information security including Acces Procedures and Controls, Systems Administration, Software Development Controls, etc. Read more about General Security Measures...

Special or Additional Requirements Based on Classification

Provides information about laws and regulations regarding electronic data including California law, HIPAA, FERPA, and data-specific sagfeguards. Read more about Requirements Based on Classification...

Special or Additional Requirements Based on Location of Data (laptop or portable device versus server)

Provides information regarding security measures for laptop or portable devices vs. server-based data. Read more about Requirements Based on Location...

Managing Your Data

Offers tools and information regarding the rules and regulations for accessing and managing your electronic data. Read more about Managing Your Data...

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