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Security Tutorials & Videos


Computing & Communications provides a number of security-related videos and tutorials. There are two ways to complete these tutorials:

  • Complete the Learning Module at the UC Learning Center
    In order to get credit for taking the Computer Security & You tutorial, you may complete the training at the UC Learning Center. Using UCLC allows your department to track which employees have taken the training.
  • View the Tutorial Overview
    If your supervisor has not required you to complete these learning modules at the UC Learning Center, you can view a quick overview of the tutorials now; please note that your department will not be able to track whether you have completed this tutorial.

Campus Computer Security & You

UCR's on-line Security Tutorial is designed to provide background on various cyber risks facing campus technology users, as well as practical guidelines, techniques, tools, and tips for avoiding and mitigating these risks.

FERPA Training

Learn more about students' rights (privacy, confidentiality, etc.) and access to educational records as spelled out by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Student Academic Information Systems Enterprise Accountability Training

Learn more about UCR's accountability structure and the roles and responsibilities of employees, particularly with regard to the Student Academic Information Systems.



Learn more about phishing, i.e. e-mails soliciting protected information which are carefully crafted to appear to come from UCR, a bank, or other official entities, and what you can do to avoid getting hooked!

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