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Virtual Private Network

UCR’s Virtual Private Network UCR VPN) provides faculty, staff and students with a secure method of accessing the UCR network. UCR VPN provides enhanced security for two distinctly different methods of network access: Campus Wireless and Off-Campus Access via an Internet Service Provider. For more information about UCR’s VPN, please visit or contact Phyllis Franco (

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The first phase of the UCR wireless network provided no robust means of securing data sent between a wireless laptop and the UCR network. When our wireless system was first implemented, the principal method of securing wireless networks (an encryption scheme called WEP) was proven to be weak and "crackable". Using the UCR VPN service, wireless users are able to connect wirelessly through a secure "tunnel" that will ensure that all data sent across the wireless network will be encrypted and not subject to "sniffing" by hackers (or anyone else, for that matter). UCR VPN also provides authentication for wireless users to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the UCR network.

Off-Campus Access via an Internet Service Provider

Frequently, UCR computer users have the need to work from home or other off-campus sites. Many faculty and staff employees read and respond to e-mail from home or while traveling. UCR VPN is now available to provide a secure method of connecting to university computing resources from off-campus. Once your ISP connection is established, an off-campus user need only perform a few clicks and in seconds, a secure connection is made. After the simple installation of a small VPN client on your computer, UCR VPN will:

  • Create a secure connection between your off-campus computer and the UCR network.
  • Create a more secure connection between your off-campus computer and any UC Office of the President system (such as PPS).
  • Allow you to access UCR web pages that are typically restricted to UCR network users.

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