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Wireless Security

Wireless Security

Client Side Encryption

Since Mobilenet does not employ additional encryption methods, users should use encrypted means to access information as necessary. One common method is the use of SSL encrypted websites when transmitting private information while using a web browser. For example, the UCR CAS login page and the Mobilenet login page are SSL encrypted to protect the user's submitted username and password.

The UCR Virtual Private Network is another way for users to encrypt traffic while on Mobilenet. If a user is on Mobilenet and initiates a VPN session, all communication from the user's computer over wireless will be encrypted. More thorough information on VPN including VPN client software downloads are available on the VPN website.

Users should also be aware that e-mail client such as Outlook and Thunderbird will transmit the username and password to the e-mail server in order to login and check mail. The user should configure the e-mail client to use encryption when authenticating.

UCR also offers a secure wireless networl ("ucrwpa") for WPA2 compatible wireless devices, though it is always best to use SSL encrypted sites and e-mail clients. More information about ucrwpa


Fraudulent attempts to gain user information are common on the Internet, whether on wired or wireless networks. Users should always be cautious when asked for personal information. A user should not provide private information via e-mail or web unless the requestor has been verified; neither UCR nor any legitimate service will ever ask for a user's password. More detailed information on phishing

Software best practices

It is important for all users to maintain the updates to their respective Operating System and software applications. Updates and patches are regularly released by software companies that often fix security holes. UCR expects all users on the campus network update their Operating System regularly.

Users are also expected to protect their computers with anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software.

Software best practices are discussed in further detail in the UCR Minimum Standards documentation

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