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Annual Security Inventory

Annual Security Inventory


In accordance with IS-3 policy, UCR conducts an annual security inventory to determine where "personal information" and "patient medical information" are used and stored on campus. The inventory includes the following:

  • the primary employee positions that have access to and use of the data,
  • the Resource Proprietor and Custodian of the data, and
  • an acceptable level of security protection for the data.
  • the type of data (protected, sensitive, essential (e.g. provide electronic services critical to campus operations))
  • rank the data based upon sensitivity and criticality (HIGH - very sensitive or critical OR contains Personal Protected Data, MEDIUM - relatively sensitive or critical, or LOW - minor sensitivity or criticality.)

This inventory enables UCR to inventory and determine the nature of campus electronic information resources, to understand and document the risks in the event of failures that may cause loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information resources, and to identify the current level of security protection of the resources and determine if additional security measures are necessary.

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