University of California, Riverside

Student Electronic Communications Policy

Being a Good Net Neighbor

Use of campus electronic resources comes with certain responsibilities and is subject to constraints required for reliable operations and respect for others' use of these services. As you use UCR's various e-resources, please keep in mind the following guidelines designed to ensure secure and effective access for everyone.
  • Campus electronic resources such as iLearn, Webmail and your student webpage may not be used for personal financial gain including advertising books for sale or running a business.
  • All University policies, such as those relating to sexual harassment, govern the use of these services.
  • All applicable federal, state, and local laws apply to your use campus electronic resources.
  • Students must avoid placing unreasonable bandwidth demands on the network, such as sending large e-mail attachments to 100s of recipients or using a virus infected computer to connect to the Internet.
  • The official University of California, Riverside name and seal should not be used in a way that implies you represent UCR.
  • If you violate the Electronic Communications Policy, or other UCR policies or guidelines related to the use of campus electronic resources, your access may be suspended. Illegal activities, such as the illegal file sharing of copyrighted music, may also result in legal action.
For more information visit the Being a Good Net Neighbor website.

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