University of California, Riverside

Student Electronic Communications Policy

Non-secure Networks and Computers

Wireless networks

When on campus students should use the UCRWPA wireless network option for better security.  UCRWPA provides an encrypted connection between your computer and the campus network.

When using mobilenet, or any other unsecured wireless network, you should be cautious what information you send over the internet in order to prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. Any private or sensitive information should only be sent over known secure websites. For improved protection you should consider using the UCR VPN if the network you are connected to supports it.

Public computers

Whenever you use a computer that other people have access to your account is at risk. Take extra care to make sure the web browser you use does not store password or form data, and that you always completely logout of any accounts you access.  To log out of accounts that use Central Authentication Service (CAS) you must completely quit your web browser.

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