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Welcome to UCR’s Student Guide to the Net

The Internet is increasingly becoming an indispensable aspect of campus life, impacting instruction and research as well as everything administrative (from checking grades to enrolling in classes).

Using campus electronic resources comes with certain responsibilities and is subject to constraints required to allow everyone to use these resources fairly. As a result, we’ve designed this web site to provide as much background as possible about using the network and campus electronic systems in a reasonable, equitable fashion: for example, we’ve included information about legal file sharing (visit the Legal2Share pages); what you should and should not include in e-mail (visit the Student ECP Guidelines section); and, if you just want to be a good Net Neighbor, you’ll of course find this information as well (click the Net Neighbor link on this page).

We’ll also place announcements about the network, new services, and “acceptable use” updates on this site. Our most recent update provides information about alternatives to illegal file sharing. Please also take time to read the announcement on e-mail login changes and acceptable use requirements.

Good luck on all your academic endeavors, and thank you in advance for being a good Net Neighbor!

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