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Temporary NetID System


Why does this tool exist?

This is strictly for generating temporary UCR NetIDs that will be used to access the UC Learning Center. This tool automatically registers each new UCR NetID as an "affiliate" within the LMS, allowing them automatic access to training, as well as grant temporary wireless access.

Will these NetIDs provide additional access to UCR application/systems?

No, the Temporary UCR NetID may only be used for wireless access and the UC Learning Center. They do not provide UCR email or access to other applications granted via EACS.

When should I use the Temporary NetID System?

It is appropriate to use the TNS for the following situations and individuals:

  • A volunteer working less than 2 weeks who is not a UCR Student with a NetID.
  • A volunteer without a Social Security Number who is not a UCR student with a NetID. (Please note: if this individual will be here more than 90 days an Affiliate NetID should be requested)
  • Someone paid though ePay who is not a UCR Student (Please note: if this individual will be here more than 90 days an Affiliate NetID should be requested)
  • An employee who is awaiting a Social Security Number
  • An individual awaiting an Affiliate NetID.
  • Someone who needs access to training prior to being established in payroll or obtaining other permanent access. These would be cases where individuals may be delayed in obtaining permanent access or are only on campus for a very short time and need to be able to start work immediately upon arrival. (Please note: You will be required to indicate when a permanent employee or affiliate NetID has been obtained)

How long are these NetIDs active? What happens when access expires?

Access is granted for anywhere between 7 days and 90 days If desired, the Transactor can extend/renew the access. The NetID can be extended multiple times, but the cumulative number of access days cannot exceed 90.

There is a 3-day reminder/warning email generated before access expires. A notification email is sent when the NetID expires; the transactor/requestor should then indicate if the individual has received a more permanent form of access, through payroll or the standard affiliate process, so that their training records can be moved to their permanent profiles if necessary by the UC Learning Center staff.

Once I have created a Temporary NetID what do I need to do?

The user will be emailed their NetID and password and given information about logging into the UC Learning Center. You will be informed once a NetID is due to expire so that you may extend access if necessary, and you will receive a notification when that NetID expires.

This notification will also prompt you to indicate if a more permanent form of access was received such as a SSN in payroll or an Affiliate NetID. If an individual receives their SSN or Affiliate NetID prior to the expiration of the Temporary NetID, please contact to prevent issues with duplicate records and insure your user has continual access to their training transcript.

We have a new employee who has just started at the University, they have just been activated in payroll so they will not have access to the UC Learning Center for 24 to 48 hours, can we create a Temporary NetID to get them access now?

It is not recommended that new employees who will have permanent access and are only waiting for their information to become active in the system be provided a Temporary NetID. If you have questions about this please contact

Who should I contact if I have a problem using the TNS?

Please contact for assistance with the TNS.

I am having trouble using the TNS in Internet Explorer.

The TNS is compatible with all browsers, however in if you have compatibility view set in your Internet Explorer you may encounter difficulties. If you do not wish to make changes to your settings we would recommend switching to Firefox, or you will need to make sure that sites are not displayed in compatibility view. If you have questions about this please contact

I have requested a Temporary NetID for a user but that user is having trouble using that NetID to login to the UC Learning Center.

Please have the user contact for assistance.

I have requested a Temporary NetID for a user and that user is having trouble using the UC Learning Center.

For questions or assistance with the use of the UC Learning Center, please have the individual contact the UC Learning Center help desk

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